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Expungement Attorney for AZ

Having any kind of criminal record can be detrimental to your future. However, there is hope and help moving forward as you look for employment and new opportunities to move forward. If you have a marijuana conviction — or convictions — on your record in Arizona (AZ), Biederman Law Office may be able to get those convictions taken off your record.

Contact a marijuana attorney from Biederman Law Office today to schedule a free consultation to determine if you are eligible to have your marijuana conviction removed.

Changing Laws

As laws in AZ and across the country continue to change, more opportunities to have criminal records expunged are presenting themselves. In November 2020, Arizona voted yes on AZ Prop 207 to legalize marijuana possession for those who are 21 years old and older. With this new statute in place, many are finding that they are eligible to have past marijuana convictions removed from their record.

If you have a marijuana conviction prior to November 2020, talk to an expungement attorney to learn if you qualify to have this conviction removed from your record. If you qualify, we’ll help you every step of the way to ensure your marijuana record is cleared and you can truly leave your past in the past as you move forward toward a more hopeful and determined future.

Reliable Attorneys

The attorneys at Biederman Law Office have extensive experience helping AZ residents with a number of legal issues including:

  • Criminal defense

  • Personal injury

  • Real estate transactions

  • Business formation and planning

  • Wills and trusts

  • Bankruptcy

And now, with the changes to AZ law making marijuana legal for recreational use, we want to help as many people as we can expunge past marijuana records. To contact a marijuana attorney from our office, call us at (888) 8-DISMISS or send us a message online.

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